Hollywood Boulevard
Welcome to our RPG! We’re so excited you’re here! This group is for fun and fun alone. Ever wanted to walk in the shoes of your favorite celebrity? Well join us and you can live the life. Start your own little life of luxury. So come join our family! Fill out our contract and you can get started!! We roleplay in and outside the ring (if you'll rp a wrestler). Any questions just send us a message! Send the contract in via submission please!
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Ever wanted to walk in the steps of your favorite superstar or diva? Well now you’ve got the opportunity! Some roles have already been taken, but there are so many more open! Become your favorite WWE or TNA superstar! Turn into your favorite WWE Diva or TNA knockout! Make your own friendships, rivals, or love interests. Most importantly, we’re here to have fun! So come on over to join a fun,growing community of RPG :)


And so much more!!! Send your application in now.Apply below!!!!!